New training for 2024 - Annual audits

With a diverse range of events which impacted on school's during the last year, the annual audit program will allow us to bring learnings from these events to your school with a range of different scenarios for training.


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Health and Safety Audits

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Harrison Tew has been supporting schools with Emergency Planning and Fire Evacuation Schemes throughout New Zealand for over a decade, during this time we often are asked questions about health and safety.

We have noticed the increased responsibility of School Boards and Principals and the expectation of being an expert in everything. Therefore, we are extending our services to support schools in Health and Safety including audits, reviews, and inspections, and providing you with the understanding and knowledge of Health and Safety in your school.

The Health and Safety Act 2015 (HSWA) sets out the principles and obligations of workplace health and safety. It is performance-based legislation and is flexible therefore can fit into any size or type of business or organisation.

Principal's, the Board of Trustees and schools as a whole have obligations under HSWA in order to ensure the safety of workers and others at the school or involved in school activities. These obligations can be daunting, and it is our goal to help you navigate this with ease.

There is a variation in the maturity of Health and Safety throughout New Zealand schools, some have robust processes and procedures in place that are understood and communicated whilst others have little understanding of the health and safety legislation that they are required to comply with.

This is why we don't offer a one size fits all audit, we believe it is important to understand where on the spectrum your school is and what you need to achieve so we are offering a service to suit your needs and give you the knowledge and confidence to comply with legislation, meet internal expectations and ensure the health and safety of staff, students and visitors in your school.

Jaimee McDonald is our resident Health and Safety Expert. She has a Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety and is a certified Lead Auditor with qualifications in ISO45001 (Health and Safety Management Systems), ISO9001 (Environment) & ISO14001 (Quality Management Systems). She is also registered as a Health and Safety Practitioner with the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM). Jaimee has recent experience as a regulatory inspector and has first-hand experience of the gaps within schools' health and safety systems. Contact Jaimee for further information on what we can offer or to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.