Posted 20 May 2012

Harrison Tew have recently developed an Emergency Management Plan for Ahipara school. Ahipara School is located on the beautiful Ahipara peninsula, just west of Kaitaia. One of the biggest concerns for the school and local residents is the planning and response to Civil Defence Emergencies, and in particular a tsunami warning. Ahipara school approached Harrison Tew wanting a specific plan for evacuating the entire school quickly and safely.

The plan developed by Harrison Tew is specific to Ahipara school and ensures a robust plan for a complete evacuation of all the students and staff to a place of safety, and in this case it's off to Pukepoto School some 6km further inland. It ensures the school is made aware of incidents which could threaten the school, and they have a tested communications plan in place.

This evacuation was tested with the whole school  and local buses used to move the students quickly and safely. It was very pleasing to know the plan works and the school now has the added confidence that they can deal with any emergency event and respond to the hopefully unlikely event of a total school evacuation.

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