Seventh mass shooting in America in 2012

Posted 20 December 2012

It was the seventh mass shooting of 2012 and the second deadliest in United States history behind only the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre in which 33 died.                                                                      

28 people inclusive of 20 children died as a result of a devastating national tragedy.  A lone 20 year old male - Adam Lanza - walked undetected into an Elementary School with three weapons, namely a Glock and Sig Saure (handguns) as well as a .223 calibre semi-automatic rifle and killed an unprecedented 28 people.Details of this tragedy are still unfolding and whilst we are all reeling in the tragic circumstances of the event, feeling for the families who won't have their children and loved ones for Christmas, it is so important for New Zealand to understand that we are NOT immune. 

It appears (unconfirmed as yet) that the lack of communication to advise members of the School to go into Lock Down, has potentially caused additional deaths.

 Once the information of any type of incident, whether man-made or natural, whether evacuation or lock down has been received, it is a matter of how to communicate that information to the School or facility, how to respond to ensure the safety of as many students and staff is possible and the recover and rehabilitation of such an event.

 It is not a matter of significant roles and responsibilities, purely keeping the response, simple, positive and consistent.

 There are procedures in place in educational facilities at present which are incorrect and therefore unsafe.  Best practice is all that is needed to be implemented, followed by training to reinforce how to deal with these types of incidents.

 Our hearts go out to the victims families and friends of the most recent tragedy in America.

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