National Tsunami Alert Friday 5th March 2021

*National Tsunami Alert Friday 5th March 2021*


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Wade Harrison

Wade Harrison

Wade has 17 years experience with the NZ Police attaining the rank of Sergeant in the Police Special Tactics Group (STG).  Wade has vast knowledge and experience in undertaking threat assessments for both the NZ Government and Police for visiting Dignitaries,  Heads of State and “at risk” facilities.

Wade has been involved in compiling operation orders in relation to potential threat and terrorist activity and operation orders in a private capacity both within New Zealand and overseas. Since leaving the NZ Police, Wade held a Senior Management Position for the Manukau City Council and was responsible for Emergency Planning and Civil Defence  and developing Business Continuity Plans for the City.

Julia Harrison

Julia Harrison

Julia has over 15 years experience in both New Zealand and Australian police, and has worked in dignitary protection, threat assessments and site operations, resulting in the compiling of operation orders to assist with any immediate or potential threat.  Having been a Detective Sergeant in the Australian Police Force, I was fortunate to learn the detailed operations of how a command and control operation room is coordinated and the feeding out of tasks to ensure a safe and successful response and outcome.

Julia has witnessed the serious risks posed to staff and students that can result from poor understanding and preparedness to emergency situations, and her wealth of knowledge and calm and reassuring nature ensures schools feel confident and prepared.

She has been fortunate enough now, following the establishment of Harrison Tew nine, almost ten years ago, to work with schools and already faced, while conducting trainings with schools, the threats faced as they have occurred in her presence ... wondering if she was set up by the school or not.  ;)

Aikee Chris Saberon

Aikee Chris Saberon

Aikee has joined us and is from the Philippines and has extensive experience in working with people. 

Aikee is our Office Manager and will be in touch with all of our clients to ensure everyone's annual audits are current, she'll be working as a strong part of the team and making appointments to implement new training and annual audits. 

Aikee is working with our team full-time and on top of the calls and appointments, she is a marvel at ensuring our emergency plans are back on your desks before you know it, that updates are made and Aikee is constantly wanting to learn new things! 

It is such an absolute pleasure and we're very lucky to have Aikee on board with our Harrison Tew team.